Six Layer Activated Carbon Faucet Water Filter

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  • Multi-stage filtration: The product adopts layer-by-layer purification filtration system to help you remove iron slag, iron, colloid, colloid and suspended solids from tap water in your home; remove itch, odor, and various toxic and harmful substances in water. The effect is that every drop of water you drink is fresh and clean.
  • Visualized enclosure: The product adopts a new upgraded visual transparent window, which is safe and reliable for visually visible filtering effects.
  • Practicality: The filter element can be cleaned repeatedly and used for a long time. Food grade material: safe and reliable food grade special material to create, durable, safe and reliable water.
  • Simple installation: Most faucets on the market can be installed and used, and it can be done in a few minutes.

Package Includes

  • 1x Faucet Tap